Building Tomorrow's Leader's - with a Big Howl

Best part of life

Childhood is considered as the best part of life because it is the time when the child experiments with different things and learns lots of basic values required for life. Children are encouraged to perform lots of activities to enhance their skills and develop a sense of adventure and curiosity. Again, adventure is not restricted to one group or gender-specific. It helps to develop various skills amongst the children irrespective of being a boy or a girl. Adventures help to bring out various characteristics such as resilience, independence, kindness, and presence of mind. It allows the child to inspire others and believe in their own ability.

Find adventure

The obvious question arising when we talk about the adventure is how to find adventure. The best place to find this is through scouting. Scouting was founded in 1907 by the founder Lord Baden-Powell, with five major goals which focused on different forms of development namely social, spiritual, manual, and physical and personality development.

Build character

He believed in the dynamics involved amongst the communities which will unite with the help of friendship. Their ultimate law as stated by Ms. Nartey was based on three principles namely: duty to God, duty to others and duty to self. This is one of the few programs for the youth used to build character, learn skills, gain confidence, contribute to the community and become self-reliant.


Scouting allows the child to participate in multiple adventurous activities and learn various qualities. It provides exposure to the outside world and allows the child to think about a sustainable life without the luxurious facilities of home. Children are replaced form the home environment for a period of time to live in par with nature.

This allows them to appreciate nature and also understand the importance and need for conservation of nature. The outdoor environment also challenges the child to stay strong and brave under certain circumstances to overcome fear.

Reasons to Engage in Scouting

New activities: Fun-filled activities promote the child to perform and learn lessons which might be helpful throughout life. The children have fun but simultaneously they also learn a lot of values.


Learn new skills & Serve others

Life skills cannot be taught in a better form than through scouting. Hands-on-experience allows the children to learn how, when and why to handle things in a specified manner, that too in a controlled environment. Children learn the importance of helping and sharing when they are grouped together in the form of scouts. Socializing develops and each one appreciates one another. They also develop a sense of responsibility in terms of wastage of food and contribute their best to save for the homeless.

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Rewards and recognition & Group bonding

Every child secrets wish to be recognized and appreciated by everyone. Scouting is one such platform where the child is allowed to flourish in their own terms and time, without having a ticking clock by their side. Recognition is given in the form of pins/badges to encourage the child. They interact with many children of their own age group which allows them to learn several things. A healthy exchange occurs between the children, where they can appreciate the differences and bond well based on their similarities.

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Games offered

Playing games and indulging in sports is the ideal way to experience teamwork. Games can focus on individual qualities as well as group work. It trains the child to co-operate, build up team skills, and develop patience and also competitive nature amongst themselves. Games can be highly energetic and loud, but can also be quiet and thought-provoking. Outdoor and indoor activities/games are used as a platform to engage children in sports and games. It ultimately contributes to the integrity of the country.

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