About the Company

Our company focuses on building better personalities for the future by training the kids. Cubs are trained to embark the reality by means of an entirely different atmosphere where they get in terms with nature in person.


The breath-taking campsite is amazingly beautiful and serene so that the kids could appreciate their stay for that epic week. The children or the cubs are expected to stay at the camp in tents to experience and appreciate the overall experience of an outdoor stay. The participating children are divided into sub-camps based on their corresponding field of interest.

The schedule is pre-planned and assisted with the help of a Scouter. The day begins with a Kudu horn at the time sunrise, followed by a hot breakfast for energizing the children. The schedule, weather forecast, and all relevant information are provided before the beginning of the various fun-filled activities for the little cubs to keep them entertained and packed with adventures.

The day is generally packed with numerous activities for the cubs. The program occurs over four days namely Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is the day for special celebrations where the participants take part actively. The program takes place for a week time and we want our participants to feel at home during the period. The care team is available at all times to provide emotional and spiritual support to the cubs and their leaders when required.

Some of the key day activities of our program are:

  • Archery.
  • Rockets.
  • Fire building.
  • Crayfish catching.
  • Learning games, Steam off games and Skill games.
  • Crafts, songs, and stories.

Some of the night activities are puzzles, crafts and quiet activities which are optional but entertained after dinner service. The program generally ends up with a camp-fire within the sub-camp where mug-up is provided by the sub-camp teams. Thus an amazing week concludes with a sense of accomplishment and gratification.